September 22, 2009

Haven’t updated this in awhile.  My week off from doing two full-time summer sessions coupled with the iphone I got for my birthday has made me antsy to be “get connected” again. So I fired up twitter, facebook, and my blog again to kickstart my downward spiral into the internet.

I also haven’t been able to finish Rorty’s  PMN since my attempt at the beginning of summer session. So I’m going to try again. Updated the books section for the most part.


3 Responses to “Damn…”

  1. mute said

    please continue.

  2. potato said

    Would really like to read more. Loved your thoughts about “the obsession with ideas” and politics versus philosophy.

  3. Yeah, we’ve all seen some crazy behaviour by people “under the influence!” They always think they’re funny or cool, but when you’re sober, you have quite a different view! Glad to see you back, Doug. I see you’ve change the look of your blog!https://ameo.link/lilyrodriquez49704081745

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