Too Many Damn Books!

December 12, 2006

I was just browsing over the numerous books I have on my numerous Amazon wishlists. I want to eventually read all of them. This year so far I’ve read about 64 books (although some were remarkably short like the few Banksy books). I would like to finish off 2 more before the year ends. However, after viewing how many books I’ve got listed in my several wishlists I don’t think I’ll be able to finish them all.

Besides, if anything, once I read one book the information broaden my mind to such an extent that I would end up desiring about 3 more or worse yet, an entirely new subject and thus tens if not hundreds more books. For instance, after I read A Hacker Manifesto awhile back as well as Voluntary Simplicity and the few brief art movement manifestos I read for my art history class I had become fairly interested in not only the concept of “manifest” which essentially means to “bring into the real”, and “manifesto” which is a statement of intentions but in such a way that gives itself authority in whatever subject it concerns itself with.  After reading Social Change and a few stencil art books I had become increasingly interested in rebellions, revolutions, uprisings and other forms of deliberate social change/action.  And ever since I’ve been involved in art, I’ve been interested in mathematics and there are endless connections to be made through these fields.

I won’t list the books in my wishlist as that would be both redundant (from my point of view), laborious (again, from my point of view), and ultimately pointless because eventually I’ll remove some books and add others. For the most part, the subject matters don’t change – although, I have been thinking about making two new wishlists – one on manifestos (just get a list of famous or influencial manifestos or things on manifesto writing) and one on Poetics or Poem literary theory (the simplicity of poetry might make it worthwhile to consider (and study) regarding how I want to write my prose on the Simplicity movemen).

Here’s a tally:

Art-Mind: 25 books
Math and Math-Art: 19 books
Math-Fiction: 3 books
Revolution: 22 books
Third Culture: 4 books
Wishlist (general or unallocated books): 48 books

Total: 121 books! That’s more than twice my ability to read in a YEAR! Although, I think with enough effort I will be able to spend more time reading at home. I never read books at home. I barely do anything at home. What I want to do more than ever is be able to sit down and read. As simple as that. So all those books I read this past year were almost entirely read either in transit going to and from school or were done while having lunch or waiting for class to start. Good times to read books as any but none of them are really a period where it is enjoying reading for the sake of reading – it’s simply using useless time usefully. I should, and should be able to, use my leisure time proactively too.

And, damn, considering how many hours of every day I have of technically ‘free’ time that could be used I could finish the entire encyclopedia brittanica in a week.

Which reminds me…

Commercial for Encyclopedia Brittannica from the 1980s.
Dork:”Everyone knows that this is the greatest encyclopedia in the world! Helped me get a B+”
God: “Why not an A?”


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