The Murder of Margaret

April 16, 2006

I was going to say something about the movement and forum/discussion I went to recently, as well as the cartoon Draftee Daffy, the Dreyfus Affair, and some other crap I had bouncing around in my head but failed to synthesize into a cogent (or short) post. So, without further ado, a story I'm reading at 2 am.

26 years ago this week a Catholic preist stabbed a 71-year-old nun by the name of Margaret Ann Pahl 32 times, wrapped her body in an altar cloth and abandoned her in a hospital chapel. Yes, this is one of those incredibly depressing and sensationalistic journalist peices which come out every week and continue to reaffirm a misanthropic outlook on life. But there is something poetically repulsive about this.

The culprit, Rev. Gerald Robinson, presided over her funeral. He was not caught; until now. It's one of these amazing edge-of-your-seat not-so-happy endings to an episode of Cold Case Files. But why re-open the case? Well… a woman had come to the Toledo Diocese (scene of the crime) with a letter which claims that she was a "victim of Satanic ritualistic sexual abuse perpetrated by a number of priests who were involved in a cult." She also gave a copy of this letter to a Toledo leader of the "Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests."


If this story hits the revolting television lackies of FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC we're in for a long haul of months of immoral debate. These people are not intelligent enough to handle these debates.. or any debates.. even political ones which they are apparently hired to do. One hour does not go by in which a pundit interrupts another pundit for the sake of air-time. Maybe I'm sounding a little too "heated" about this than it really seems, but through doing research for the non-existant "intellectual scene" (it's deteriorated beyond redemption), I've found that if these are our intellectual leaders… we're fucked. The "intellectual" is no longer defined as a scientist, philosopher, artist, economist. In fact, "intellectualism" has nothing to do with the humanities or the sciences anymore as C.P. Snow defined in his famous lecture "The Two Cultures." The current intellectual, the person we look towards for rational discussion has been transformed, or rather grossly mutated, into the politically passionate and horrifically biased Think-Tanks (Bill Kristol head of PNAC wrote several parts of Bush's second inagural address), the tv pundists like Hannity and Colmes who pathetically attempt at debate (it actually comes off as a school-yard pissing contest and further divides the country between the collectivistic neoconservative ideology and the individualistic liberal ideology), and the journalist who has become swayed and disillusioned. We currently live in a society where the evangelist has replaced the scientist(1), the journalist has replaced the philosopher (2), and the public forum is on television being discussed by half-wit models and bigots (3).

1: We actually had the Scopes trial again in Dover. A movement like Defend Science had to be made to counter prevalent fundamentalism.

2. The Philosopher has actually failed. On the Colbert Report a few days ago I caught a glimpse of Harvard philosopher Harvey C. Mansfield (you might remember him from Adam Curtis's deeply intelligently engaging documentary "The Power of Nightmares") plugging his new book: Manilness. Why'd he write a book about maniless? Because he thinks we live in a gender neutral society. Among other bullshit conclusions: ""women are the weaker sex," "women's bodies are made to attract and to please men" and "now that women are equal, they should be able to accept being told that they aren't, quite" Another example of the failed philospher being fired from intelligent discussion and replaced by the journalist is "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman. This book is huge, literally and in terms of popularity. But it's written by a journalist (which isn't neccessarily a bad thing… but I don't think they are entirely capable in progressing intelligent discussion). He has degrees in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern studies and he writes books and op-ed peices about technology and global economics.

3. Half-wits: Hannity and Colms, Carlson and Begala (Crossfire.. and lets all thanks Jon Stewart for killing that show and Tucker Carlson's reputation). Bigots: Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly.

* my style needs to change, quick. It's too preachy. But that's what happens when you write these posts out in one long brain ejaculation.  


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