Gospel of Judas

April 7, 2006

I'm not one to write about religious archeology (or anything even spiritual for that matter), but this is interesting. Apparently.. after 1,700 years the Gospel of Judas has been found.


In this version, Jesus asked Judas, as a close friend, to sell him out to the authorities, telling Judas he will "exceed" the other disciples by doing so.

…is considered by scholars and scientists to be the most significant ancient, nonbiblical text to be found in the past 60 years.

Keep in mind, those "Gospels" are not written by themselves. Judas did not write this, partly because of the oral tradition and partly because… well… why would he? Certainly the language is questionable. Anyways… the gnostic text is interesting, maybe not vastly detrimental or controversial since it coincides with a lot of hypothesises made by theologians current and old but interesting nonetheless. It'll sure piss off a few people with damaged or underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes.. Come on Sapolsky you know what I'm talkin 'bout!


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  1. Optimal said

    1^2 -1 – 1 = -1

    Silly man :O.

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