The Battle of Algiers

March 31, 2006

In a time when Muslim communities around the world are being scrutinzed and judged, having their religion misrepresented and distorted, their people victimized and stereotyped, victims of assimilation instead of participants in acculturation, shrouded under a corrupt UN, and of course civil war, religious revolution, and above all social chaos… I am reminded of this quote from the movie The Battle of Algiers

Ben M'Hidi: Acts of violence don't win wars. Neither wars nor revolutions. Terrorism is useful as a start. But then, the people themselves must act. That's the rationale behind this strike: to mobilize all Algerians, to assess our strength. 
Ali La Pointe: To prove it to the UN?
Ben M'Hidi: Yes, to prove it to the UN. It may not do any good, but at least the UN will be able to gauge our strength. You know Ali, it's hard enough to start a revolution, even harder to sustain it, and hardest of all to win it. But it's only afterwards, once we've won, that the real difficulties begin.

 It is almost frightening how relevant this movie is today, 40 years later.


One Response to “The Battle of Algiers”

  1. Thanks for posting your thoughtful comments. I have found this particular moment of the film profoundly moving and applicable in so many areas not only of the political world but also in all efforts to effect change.

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