– Mindset +

March 27, 2006


Listen to this. Fixed mindsets versus Growth mindsets, praise of intelligence can lead to diminishing performance, hunger for complex problems when praised of strategy, confidence and incompetancy, self-evaluation, metacognitive skills… Tons of stuff in a short 30 second discussion on mindset and performance.

It reminds me of a great short story about billiards. To summarize, a novice pool player was watching another pool player hit this amazingly difficult shot again and again. The novice thought "Wow! That guy is amazing! He makes such a difficult shot everytime; he must be the best pool player here." His friend came up to him and said "No no… he's not a good player. He's perfecting his strenghts rather than working on his weaknesses. A sign of a good player is one who can make all shots, easy and hard, not just the amazingly difficult one." 


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