Spring Training part 1

March 16, 2006

The week is half over but the days sure feel longer. After an 11-hour drive in intense rain listening to the dulcet tones of a Da Vinci Code audioobook narrator and one anxious 14.8 gallon gas stop we arrived on Saturday. The hotel receptionist said it hadn’t rained in 146 days straight. That was only the beginning.

I love the rain so I make a habit of standing either under the rain itself with each drop pelting my damp scalp or under some awning as I watch the drops pelt some other poor sap’s damp scalp. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but the air was exceptionally moist… which is like kryptonite to someone with asthma. The next morning I felt refreshed and spent most of the day adoring the almost statuesque clouds. Seriously… they did not look like they moved. On monday, the third day of the trip, my sinuses went haywire. Apparently, after an exceptionally long drought and an intense scalp dampening rain, Mesa Arizona’s pollen count went through the roof. That’s kryptonite 2.0 to the asthmatic. Since I’m an idiot I had forgot my meds before the trip. Well that isn’t true. I’m an idiot because I mistakenly thought I could survive 1 week without taking the meds. So I’m an med-neglecting sinus nightmare on two forms of asthmatic kryptonite. Boy, how more attractive could a guy get?!

Anyways, the highlight of today was paying 317.98 for refills (they sure do like to jack up the price if your Kaiser medical insurance is no good out-of-state). Well, paying that and making a joke about Brewers batter Carlos Lee hitting foul balls like the JFK assassination. “Back… and to the left. Back… and to the left.” (too soon?) Update: Aright… that wasn’t the highlight of the day. Our serpentine pulley fell out from the bottom of our car as we were trying to make the Suns game over in Flagstaff. It went under right as we were turning onto the freeway. We stopped off at a parking lot and got a cab to bring us to the game. 117 – 93 Suns. Talk about preserverance.

Another highlight: Phx Zoo. I wanted to take advantage of their primate exhibits as part of my friday anthropology lab class. We buy our tickets walk in and see two signs: “Monkey Village Closed today” and “Orangutan exhibit closed on account of the weather.” The scalp dampening rain strikes again. Fortunately, by the time we went around the whole park the sun had come out and heated the area so most, if not all, the primates were out and about.


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