Swish. Count it!

March 2, 2006

Passed my written drivers test today! It was strange, I went into the DMV really confident then took the test got 7 wrong and failed. Confidence gone. She asked if I wanted to take it again and I mulled it over for about 5 seconds and said sure, lets go. Then I answer 35 questions with much less confidence than before along with “Now serving G043 at window 17.” distracting me every ten seconds. I finish the test, put it in her little bin and waited behind the blue line.

I got one wrong.

Afterwards I went to the gym and burned off 1000+ calories, unfortunately I was just doing cardio (165 heart-rate for 65 minutes). That whole “losing weight is as simple as burning more calories than you take in” is somewhat misleading. People think “losing weight” also means “losing fat.” It doesn’t, I’m afraid. Just thought I’d mention it because they finally took the poster saying that off the wall.

Yesterday I was looking for high resolution photographs of some Clyfford Still painting but none that I found were good enough. So I decided today to hit the library and see some more of his work. I read a little bit of the beginning of a book about him and I’ll be damned if I’m not that guy reincarnated. Someone onced asked him “Mr. Still, what are you trying to say?” Good ole Still kicked that guy out of his house. If Still wanted to say something he would’ve used his mouth, not homemade colors and a cotton canvas. If he was trying to make an argument he would’ve written an essay. If my paintings can be summed up in so many words then I have failed as a painter. Thomas B. Hess of Art News once said of Still’s paintings “his objects are almost all ideas.” Which is essentially how I consider art “beautiful.”

Clyfford Still’s whole style is similar to mine as well. Which is eerily endearing. Because I sort of “found” my style well before I had seen any Clyfford Still painting. Not many of you may really know who Clyfford Still is or can really remember what his paintings look (and feel) like but, even though Jackson Pollock’s drip style or “action painting” was much more publicized and popularized, Clyfford Still’s work is considered the epitome of abstract expressionism. And if my beginning style is characteristically similar to the epitome of abstract expressionism, then I must certainly be on the right track.
A good day.


One Response to “Swish. Count it!”

  1. sis said

    Congrats! Mom will be proud.

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