Sit down Samson, you’re about to get a haircut.

March 1, 2006

Last night, I enjoyed watching Inherit the Wind which is about the Scopes trial. By the way, I should add that it’s inaccurate to call it the Scopes monkey trial because it deals with evolution. We most likely evolved from the same animals common apes have evolved from. Anyways, the movie is chuck FULL of great quotes. One of them being the title of this post.

My favorite is probably

[Challenged to say if he considers anything holy]
Henry Drummond: Yes! The individual human mind. In a child’s ability to master the multiplication table, there is more holiness than all your shouted hosannas and holy holies. An idea is more important than a monument and the advancement of Man’s knowledge more miraculous than all the sticks turned to snakes and the parting of the waters.

People underestimate the beauty of thought, the elegance of an idea, and the sanctity of logic. Philosophy and mathematics are, to me, more humbling in their beauty than that of art and religion. In numbers, truth and beauty are the same thing and there is nothing more elegant than an applicable equation.


2 Responses to “Sit down Samson, you’re about to get a haircut.”

  1. envirogrrl said

    Excellent point. I love that movie.

    Just ran across your blog surfing with the “next blog” function, and thought I’d comment.

  2. sis said

    i have cool quote, too! i is not related at all to yours, but i thought it was funny.

    “Well paint me oblivious!” –my poli sci TA

    I laughed. In that same discussion, when asked to describe the General Assembly of the United Nations, some guy said, “Well, each state has a seat and they don’t accomplish anything.” pretty much sums it up, huh?

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