Cannibalistic Communities

February 6, 2006

I was having a discussion about the recent (mis?)treatment Muslims are doing to their own religion. Certain followers of the Islamic faith have been slightly distorting their own religious views through their unfortunate acts of violence and protest. For instance, add up all the newstories of Islamic terrorism in the last 5 years or so and you have maybe a few thousand individual Muslims commiting these acts. But that is only a few thousand out of 1.03 BILLION worldwide followers. So to suggest that the killing of infidels is a “big” part of their religion is inaccurate since the only people who actually take action of that belief consist of less than 1% of the population. What is truly unfortunate for the other 99% is that they aren’t distancing themselves from these people, at least not powerfully enough for the world to recognize.

Basically, this 1% of Islam who actively promote and commit acts of terrorism are the sole individuals who are distorting the intention and belief system of Islam which is supposed to be the “religion of peace.” If nobody within the Islamic religion is actively protesting against this behavior then the religion begins to lose credibility and thus followers. The religion allowed it’s followers to contradict it’s intention. The religion begins to eat itself into extinction; like cannibals.

I wrote an essay (or a few) about another community which was also cannibalistic in nature. When I atteneded a private Catholic school I noticed that every year the class would pick one student to shun from the “pack.” Every year the chosen child would have to leave and the next year the class would be one student less. Given enough time the class would completely deteriorate. The class had a social dynamic which was self-deprecating and cannibalistic.

I suppose that whole idea of social cannibalism is pretty interesting but horrifically unfortunate and mostly…. irrational. It’s a contradiction to most biological laws that an organism commits cannibalism. They only reason some do is because they lack some fundamental nourishment in their environment. They can’t get some “thing” from where they live so they get it from eating each other.

The reason I started this whole thing was because I’m amazed at how many newstories I hear about the Vatican publically stating that Intelligent Design is NOT science and now “belittles God.” 

FTA ” I would essentially like to share with you two convictions in this presentation: (1) that the Intelligent Design (ID) movement, while evoking a God of power and might, a designer God, actually belittles God, makes her/him too small and paltry; (2) that our scientific understanding of the universe, untainted by religious considerations, provides for those who believe in God a marvelous opportunity to reflect upon their beliefs. Please note carefully that I distinguish, and will continue to do so in this presentation, that science and religion are totally separate human pursuits. Science is completely neutral with respect to theistic or atheistic implications which may be drawn from scientific results.” 

Religion offers supernatural explanations to understanding the universe; science offers natural explanations.  But isn’t it nonetheless interesting to see how one part of a religion contradicts the beliefs of another part even though they are all under the same label “Christian”? So much for belief systems being solid foundations..


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