Sloppy Thinking

February 3, 2006

I’ve been sick for the good part (or I guess I should say “bad part”) of a week now and the first thing I realized once I got sick was that most of the things I was thinking about were being thought of in a very sloppy manner. Case in point, after thinking about my argument for “Nothing” I realized that it was pretty poorly formed argument. It’s circular, self-dependant/defeating, and in other ways just plain pointless. And then earlier today I was reading a TechDirt article about someone blaming MySpace as being responsible for a recent increase in a series of sexual assaults carried out by exploiting the website. Someone said in a reply “It’s the parents fault!” and I immediately started writing a long-winded argument that parents are not completely responsible for the actions and thoughts of their children only to realize later that he most likely didn’t mean it quite that literally.
At least I wasn’t sloppy enough to be oblivious to my recent sloppy thinking.


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