Where… oh where… to donate $300 dollars.

January 6, 2006

Its an eerily interesting time to be donating money. It’s the holidays but it’s also a time when 50 Red Cross workers have been indicted on charges of stealing upwards of 200,000 dollars of Katrina Releif donations. And since it’s only $300 dollars being donated (which to the average worker seems like a lot to donate), it might be hard to find decent charities but also ones who might actually use the $300 dollars to help someone instead of pay for a charity’s gas and electric bill, or some worker’s salary.

According to the American Institute of Philanthropy they have a huge list of rated charities. Now, in a way, I already do help some kinds of charities. I am apart of two research groups who try to understand protein strains and protein behavior in order to find diseases. I simply offer my unused processing cycles of my computer to sort and solve data provided by these research groups. It’s called distributed computing and you might have heard about other groups like SETI@home (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).. but personally, that is such a waste of time. First of all, we’ve already tried enough frequencies to go outside our solar-system 10 fold. We have a hard enough time landing on the moon, what makes them think that if/when we find life that we’ll immediately be able to communicate with it or even travel to it within 20 years? It’s like someday they’ll say “Ah-ha! We’ve found life!” “Where?!” “50 lightyears away! There’s no chance in hell we’ll ever see them in at least 100 years!” “…”

Anyways…. Here is a simple list I’ve compiled regarding charities I think are worthwhile of a small monetary donation. I’ve tried to pick only A or A+ charities of categories which might appeal to my siblings and me.


Cancer Research Institute
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (ALSAC) (If you’ve been to the UA on shattuck, you’ve probably seen their commerical filled with artists and comedians)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Conservation Fund
Conservation International Foundation

Health – General

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Human Services

YMCA of the United States – N.O.

International Relief & Development

International Medical Corps
International Rescue Committee
American Refugee Committee


Reading is Fundamental
Proliteracy Worldwide

Terminally or Chronically Ill

Sunshine Foundation
Hemlock Foundation for End of Life Choices
…and well… what about the Hospice Dad works at? Or Mom’s?

I also thought about adding a Drug/Alcohol Charities… but unfortunately none of them are rated above a B-.


One Response to “Where… oh where… to donate $300 dollars.”

  1. sister said

    I propose we donate part of our money to Africare (A) because it aims to help Africans meet their basic human needs. The organization is composed of U.S. charities, so maybe their work will help improve relations between the U.S. and Africa. If the organization has friends in high places their work may influence policy makers in the government and maybe the American people will finally hear about Africa and deal with its problems. Another possible charity is CARE (A-).

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