The Bart Car Project

December 17, 2005

If you take BART, you might want to contribute to this lil’ diddy. The idea is to take information about BART commuters; starting points and destinations, times, BART car types and characteristics, in order to find commonalities. No need to sign up (unless you don’t want to be an anonymous username.. it’s probably more helpful to find commonalities if everyone doesn’t use the exact same name when inputting data) and put in some very basic information.

Reminds me of when people at a party were given RFID tags in order to find information about who spent the most time with who during the party. For some reason, people thought it was “an invasion of privacy.” Here’s an idea of how the information was visualized:

… and that was a party of probably less than a hundred people. Know how many people take BART? About 300,000 every yearly quarter; at least according to these PDFs

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