Why my phone is usually turned off

December 16, 2005

Aright, I just got the phone message from my only sister about when summer classes start at vista/laney. Fortunately, she emailed me also and I responded to that awhile ago. Anyways, I’ve been leaving my phone off because I get about a dozen “data” calls which either my phone doesn’t recognize or I simply can’t answer.. or both.

Phone rings and the only thing I can do is let it ring or reject it. I can’t answer it whatsoever. So basically, my cell phone has turned into nothing more than a noise maker. My cell phone ring is a baby laughing so fortunately barely anyone notices. But after hearing a baby laugh.. the exact same laugh.. a dozen times in a day, especially when nothing is funny, it gets.. annoying. So now my phone is off. I asked dad to block the two numbers I kept seeing… but instead of that being a solution, the calls come back now as “unknown” or “no number” so there’s no number for me to block. I fear changing my phone number won’t solve anything either.

So if you want to get ahold of me you can either call me at home.. or my new mobile answering machine.

ps: the classes end on July 28 (29th for saturday classes)


One Response to “Why my phone is usually turned off”

  1. sis said

    thanks bro! that really sucks. i guess you could get a new phone but it sounds like you don’t really care either way.

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