Schizophrenia at Mels Diner

December 7, 2005

So in between classes I usually go to Mels Diner (it’s the only place quiet enough at 10 in the morning) to read and have an early lunch. I was finishing up Ruth Kligman’s extremely intimate memoir of her relationship with Jackson Pollock (Love Affair: A memoir of Jackson Pollock) and I was at the part just before the fatal accident when I notice that the person sitting in front of me is talking and discussing things. She kept looking over to her left and saying things like “oh yeah, that’s right.” I couldn’t see an ear peice for a cell phone and she only responded by looking to her left… which stood a window.

“Pollock had all the characters in him: a hero, a fool, a drunk, a genius….” I get interrupted when the person in front of me says “Hold on, I’ll ask him. Ho-hold HOLD ON! I”LL ASK HIM.” She waves down a waiter and asks directions to Mels Diner from San Francisco. He responds, completely oblivious to the fact that the directions are for an imaginary person. I don’t think he even noticed when she begain reciting the directions to “it.”

I wonder if her friend got stuck in imaginary traffic.


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