Descartes’ Secret Notebook

November 25, 2005

It’s F+V-E = 2, aka Euler’s theorem/formula. There, I just saved you 242 pages, 5 biographies, 300 years of scientific research, and a bed sore. The essense of Descartes’ Secret Notebook lasted at best 2 chapters. It’s was a good book but I always feel cheated when books with very specific titles only devote a minimal number of pages to the title. It’s like the “A Natural History of Love”, it’s great if you want several examples of love but she covers Egyptian, Greek, and Roman love in about 5 pages and sums up courtly love (Renaissance-Victorian) in about 10 pages. But she felt it was necessary to write 30 pages on how girls love horses or why some guys like NASCAR? What the hell? Maybe I’m judging a book by it’s cover but am I truly in the wrong to assume that a book about the natural history of love or a quest to find and decipher Descartes’ Secret Notebook would actually be substantially about those things? Oh well, one down…

Next book is probably “A Mathematician’s Apology”. But here’s what I’m not too interested in; the “forward” is 50 pages long making it 1/3 of the book.

Thanksgiving was good, all I need for a thanksgiving dinner is dark meat turkey and some martinelli’s and thats precisely what I had. I’m always weary of what other people bring, even if it is just something generic like potatoes. I suppose it was fun discussing politics even tho I’ve never considered myself a political person. It was kind of weird to bounce between political subjects tho. We went from Arnold’s failed propositions on Parental Notification of Abortion to the hypothetical situation of pharmaceutical companies taking control of drugs like marijuana and then to Megan’s Law about Sex Offenders getting a “scarlet letter.” It also seemed odd that whenever he asked me a question it was always followed by “Don’t you think so?” or “Wouldn’t you think?” It’s a hidden way of saying “please agree with me.” And then whenever I responded in opposition bringing up statistics and relatively new facts he’d always respond “TRUE!” and “RIGHT!” Anyways, it was still fun even tho it gets quite tiresome to debate over the same issues over and over and over.

But the one thing that I found most interesting, is that it seemed that he knew a lot of several issues and that he knew a lot of responses in regards to the issues but it didn’t seem to be his personal opinion. Now, most people can have the same opinion as those regurgitated responses but the reason I found that it probably wasn’t his personal opinion was because he was so malleable. I could say one small counter-argument, he’d immediately agree as if I just “won” the issue. I sure wish he said some more funny things tho. Like “Don’t you think Pat Robertson is totally right about Ellen Degenere’s lesbianism causing Hurricane Katrina?” or “Intelligent Design is fucking awesome.”

Afterwards we went to ACT 1 & 2 to see arguably the worst movie I’ve seen in years: Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger” Hey.. it had Nicholson, I thought it just had to be good but it turned out to be the slowest, plotless, pointless, and most unnecessary film I’ve seen in a long time. However, I now can safely say that Purgatory does exist and I survived.


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