Jack Thompson vs. Amazon

November 20, 2005

For those of you who don’t follow the Florida state lawyer who has been attacking the video game industry (namely Take-Two entertainment, creators of the Grand Theft Auto franchise) for so-called influencial violence. He has threatened to sue Amazon.com because of the offensive user-submitted material and tags around his book page.

Jack Thompsons amazon page for “Out of Harm’s Way”

Notice the single star review and over a hundred bad reviews. Then scroll down the recommended Listmania books. Most of them are lists of homosexuality with books like “The New Joy of Gay Sex? and “The Art of Handballing? or it’s the other listmania about BDSM with books like “A hand in the bush: The Fine art of Vaginal Fisting?. Then this page is accompanied with user tags like “ambulance chaser?, “propoganda?, “unfounded assertions?, “examples of euthenasia?, “douchebag?, and my favorite “probably secretly plays mario?

The funniest part is the title of his book is “Out of Harm’s Way?… hahah


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