A farewell to bookmarks

November 20, 2005

Well, I tried mounting a cd-image of a game yesterday but the image had a new-fangled security encryption algorithm that my virtual drive program (daemon) couldn’t emulate…. so… obviously… my friggen computer gives me the finger and won’t boot into windows anymore even after it routinely runs a chkdsk on the drive that holds everything I’ve “acquired” over the years, except movies. Fortunately I was planning on formating my XP install anyways.. just not so soon and not before I saved my Flock favorites (actually… I’m tired of flock now, fuck flock, back2firefox). So I lost all those bookmarks and all my saved emails. I don’t think I’ve lost any contacts as I mostly use gmail now.
Anyways, the problem is after I installed XP I boot up into windows and the “system” drive is different from my “boot” drive and my boot drive is the one that has the operating system! So now my second largest data drive is now C:/ without an operating system…. and I can’t friggen change it! So what I’m going to do is buy about 100 DVDs burn everything I’ve got then format everydrive and install windows (using nLite so I don’t have to piss around with re-installing everything again) again. Lengthy… but I REALLY should’ve backed up my stuff. Now here comes the math of it all:
I’ll break it up per folder
Music = 18,510 files -> 88.7 GB
CDS = 28 files -> 13.4 GB
Programs = 135 files (fuck that’s a lot of unecessary programs) -> 2.01 GB
E-books = 55,754 files -> 16.7 GB
Movies = 1,251 files -> 324 GB (wow)

A total of 75,678 files and 444.81 GB. Since the standard DVD disc carries at most 4.5 GB that means I need to have….. almost exactly 99 DVDs… holy flurking schnit. I guess I’ll look into getting double sided 4.5 DVDs or some of those newer 8.5 discs (which would mean 53 discs). Verbatim is selling a 3-pack 8.5 discs at 10 bucks a pop. I’ll need 18 of those.. :( :(

well.. it’s 4am now because I was trying different jumper configurations hoping to find my sata woot drive. Fuck it. Prioritize which stuff needs saving most. Music, books, tv-shows, movies, then cds, then programs (I can just check MyProgs.com afterwards)

Music will require 20@4.5 or 11@8.5. Well, there is a 26 buck 10-pack…
That is almost the exact same configuration for Tv-shows. Movies can pretty much be left for later as A) I’ve seen them all twice and B) I’ve seen them all twice.
CDs is simple enough and programs is taken care of.


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