November 10, 2005

Ran into my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Gooding, this evening at Costco. Nothing too interesting happened except that she said I wasn’t a particularly happy child at the time. It was quite hard for me considering the situations I had gone through. Started out as the “new” kid bouncing between social cliques. Then became just another of the guys. And ended up being shunned. It’s one of life lessons that nobody really cares to learn.. course most of life lessons are like that. When I told her what I was doing she started talking about how she’s jokingly pissing kids off about school and whatnot urging them to find a direction to go towards. It was interesting because she said something like “hoping to have these kids find their direction, like you.” How many people, how many of us, really “find their direction”? Or is it more like we simply make a decision to walk a certain path and hope that the destination ends up fulfilling our hopes? Well anyways, I suppose it’s much more important to just walk the path than to decide which path to take. Take a step, and go from there.


As for the omnious title, that’s what the cost was for all the stuff me and Dad bought at Costco.  


3 Responses to “$666.42”

  1. your sister said

    Mrs.Gooding is a dumbass. She flirted with Mr.Calegari for years and then waited for his wife to die to get with him. She’s so full of herself. She really said she tries to piss her students off? Well, she’s good at her job then.

  2. paintist said

    And didn’t Ms (Mrs.?) Croshal (sp?) get mixed up with a student and get her so-called religious ass fired? I vaguely remember hearing something to the tune of that.

  3. your sister said

    yep…nasty freak. she hated me because i was so sarcastic and mean to her. one time i asked her, “why is our school named after a prostitute?”. haha, you should’ve seen her face. it was, not to sound like napolean dynamite, freakin’ sweet. in other news, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!

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