To die for beauty, than live for bread

November 9, 2005


Good thing I coaxed Dad into picking me up a huge volume of Emerson’s work. A lot of his poems are short, perfect for those Martin Luther-ish contemplations while on the shitter. I’ve always liked Emerson but never really read enough of him. Now I am, and this stuff is primo. Kind of a weird description for an essayist and poet; primo.

So anyways yesterday I went into the huge dollar store at the bottom of the hill where they sell WONDERFUL! AMAZING! CHEAP CRAP AT PISS POOR PRICES! I walked around hoping they would have a manilla envelope (my research paper had to be turned in in a envelope) and I was looking through the ailes of plastic shiny crap I found that the people in the aisles were, for the most part, retarded. I don’t mean it in an insulting or demeaning way, it’s just… I’ve never seen so many mentally impaired people in a store at one time who weren’t a part of some “group.” These were free-range retards examining the ingredient of the extra-low grade tomato “sauce.” That’s right, ingredient. Their home-made original recipe speghetti sauce was 100% tomatoes.



One Response to “To die for beauty, than live for bread”

  1. your sister said

    I like the dollar store, dammit! They sell good crap for cheap! Yes, some of the customers there are missing a few marbles, but maybe you just happened to be there when the local mental hospital was having a field trip. Anyway, you were in the store too so you must be retarded as well.

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