Yellow Index card number 1

November 2, 2005

Since I’m not well versed in keeping journals or blogs, hell I don’t even write grocery lists or daily itinerary, I jotted down a few ideas on an index card. Two things I’ve noticed while researching the depiction of love in works of art; one, there are pracitcally NO books on lonliness or solitude in art, and two, the art world sucks (or maybe it’s just the New York Soho crowd). They’ve (maybe due to the misconstrued curriciculum of a few art history classes) turned the art world away from being about “the art” to being about “the artist.” Which phrase strikes you more important to art “Guernica” or “Picasso”? The name, obviously.

 There is a recent controversy going on in the UK with the “people’s painter” Vettriano. He’s been accused of plagiarising a picture from an art manual into his famous (now infamous) painting “The Singing Butler” This painting has by now donned handbags, umbrellas, and a whole handful of other crap I don’t buy. It also recently went for 750,000 pounds. In regards to the plagairism, Vettriano stated that he may have been inspired by the picture in the manual but that is a far cry from plagiarising the work. And now according to The independant he’s been accused, again, of copying the work of a Dutch Impressionist. Maybe the art establisment just wants to cut-down this self-taught Fife painter (who by the way makes 500,000 dollars a year in royalty printings alone) or maybe the art establishment is so fucking gung-ho on critisizing the artist and not the art.

This might be why I’m currently more concerned with the visual representations of mathematics moreso than “developing my creative juices.”

 I say keep painting, fuck the art world. You’re braver than I am Gunga Din.


One Response to “Yellow Index card number 1”

  1. gibbocool said

    Interesting. It seems that you are quite the learned paintist!

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