“Sound and perfume swirl in the evening air.”

October 24, 2005

Ahh, Baudelaire.

 I’ve been listening recently to Art of Noise’s “The Seduction of Claude Debussy” which has John Hurt doing voice over work about little delightful anectdotes of Debussy’s life. In one song (my ipod crapped out in under 2 hours flat… again so I can’t find the exact title now) Hurt says something to the tune of “Debussy filled his room with flowers while he worked which might remind you of a Baudelaire quote: “Sound and perfume swirl in the evening air.”” And then it drifts into an electronic spiral of piano notes and bass hums. Plus my two Cliff Martinez CDs came earlier last week so I’ve been listening to those as well. Oh and the complete works of Air too. So I’m in a very ambient mood lately.

 Note: test next monday, review this wednesday.

Oh… and take note I added three new projects today. Now off to http://lib.berkeley.edu/ to take notes for Eng’s research paper!


4 Responses to ““Sound and perfume swirl in the evening air.””

  1. cbouie said

    Track is called “Rapture”, , hip-hop/rap transition done by Rakim; Their best CD yet.

  2. Jamariko said

    Hey, dear friend, where can I get lyrics of this poem of Art of Noise (where the actor says these words: ‘sound and perfume…’?
    I can’t find it! Thanks for information, Jamariko, Slovenia

  3. Gary said

    Actually it’s called, Rapt: In The Evening Air.

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